98837, Moses Lake, Washington, United States


Teresa shera



Teresa Shera loved animals since she was a child and wanted to turn that love into a profession. 

It wasn’t until working at a Veterinarian and Kennel operation, she realized what her true calling was. No doubt in her mind this is where her career begins. She set out to prove herself otherwise. 

Along the way she has met some very influential individuals that have taught her the fine art of styling and not just “grooming.” 

Teresa holds a certification in the Companion Animal Hygienist (CAH), a Grooming Certificate Program and a Career Enrichment Certificate. Also, she is a current member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), the International Pet Groomers Association (IPG), the Illinois State Professional Dog Grooming Association Inc. (LSPDGI)

As an Instructor Professional Pet Stylist Teresa Shera host an event; Healthy Pet, Happy Pets and partner with Veterinarians, Certified Trainer-Professional Dog Behaviorist and Belgian Malinois Kennels (Working Police Dogs). This 6-week course covered such topics as veterinary care, buying and breeding, growth and development, vaccination, training and exercise, nutrition, grooming concepts, prevention and dealing with flea and ticks.

Being a member of these organizations Teresa will have the opportunity to work towards gaining trust with the community and her clients.   

Breeder of (AKC)Rough Coat Collies and had one of her dog’s name (Goldie) certify as a therapy service dog, helping the elderly in the local nursing homes.

Aside from grooming, Teresa can often be found grooming for various rescue groups as well as having fun with her own dog Brandy (Border collie).  

Teresa looks forward to meeting your special four-legged friend. She can be reached at 509-797-3640